(An open letter to the BSH community from people posing as festival executives:)

The Fifth Annual Burning Shithead Festival (BSH V) was a consensus favorite. As we head into the second half of the incipient shithead decade, the pace of evolution of Burning Shithead and the Burning Shithead Festival (like the world around us) has dramatically accelerated. In the midst of this turbulence, evidence of the growing influence of the shithead paradigm is everywhere, making the last year the most exciting one in shithead history.

Although the event itself remains essentially the same, the Burning Shithead Festival received major market validation through a strategic marketing, technology, and content alliance with No Fun Charlie, an up-and-coming counterculture site. This alliance makes it possible for the Festival to propagate both itself and shithead consumption. BSH V was another smashing success, expanding the success of the Shithead [CENSORED], contributing to the legend of the Shitheadless Horseman, endangering festival partipants with dangerous hiking conditions, and spawning a fantastic new dance troupe - DJ Ben and the Shitheads.

But the last year has not been without controversy, including strenuous objections to site content from another festival, and a censored press release. But the shithead way has been vigorously and publicly defended by festival advocates, extending to the domain of pop literature, including a stinging review of the book "Better an Old Fart than a Young Shithead" (copyright Boston Publishing, 1999). As long as Burning Shithead has advocates willing to publicly defend its image, the fundamental influence on our processes of social replication will continue, and the shithead way will flourish.

Check the website to find out what's in store at BSH VI. The fifth anniversary of the incendiary consumption of shithead may ultimately feel more like a hedonistic and gratuitous celebration of shithead than a full fledged shithead conflagration. If it does, don't be alarmed or blame No Fun Charlie. It's only the shifting sands of shithead.

William ("Wild Bill Shithead") Dapples

Chief Executive Shithead

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