DJ Ben and the Shitheads

DJ Ben and the Shitheads are the key energy source of the Burning Shithead Festival (besides burning shithead).  The wealth of music and video produced over the years has spawned many memorable hits.  DJ Professor Ben brings his best every year, and each year has a distinctive flair all its own.  DJ Ben does a great job of setting up the party houses at the Festival, making sure we are wired for sound throughout the festival environment.  After making the sure the entire party is wired, DJ Ben sets up the turntables for action.


The Roots of DJ Ben and the Shitheads

DJ Ben spins frenetically and intensely, kicking off sounds of DJ Ben and the Shitheads At Burning Shithead V, DJ Ben and the Shitheads spontaneously emerged out of musical interaction between a few of the festival attendees. Within minutes, these people and their dilated pupils began creating music videos of a most bizarre nature. Want to know what the sign says? Yeah, right.

Joining DJ Ben was:

·         an outstanding drummer (if you happen to recognize him don't tell his label that he skipped the promotion because he was at Burning Shithead recording music videos with DJ Ben)

·         one of two aesthetically pleasing shithead dancers (the other had to leave the festival abruptly for a family emergency and wasn't able to join the recording). This person is too shy to let us show her face or any of her best dance moves.

·         wildly convulsing shithead dancers who just can't stop moving to the sounds of DJ Ben

DJ Ben takes a break after ramping some intense sounds... There are two top full length videos from DJ Ben and the Shitheads, BSH V.  The classics, Funk  and Ghetto are the youthful DJ Ben and the Shitheads in their prime.


Ramping the Sound


At successive Festivals, DJ Ben and the Shitheads made hard driving, dance blazing, room trashing, walls of sound and fury.  The videos captured the true feeling of the sound and the impact of the party, where the dancers were hearing colors and seeing sounds right along with DJ Ben.  These are prime DJ Ben and the Shitheads material.

Feel free to enjoy the full length videos of DJ Ben and the Shitheads from BSH VI, if you are patient to download them you will be richly rewarded.  There were a couple of false starts as all the gear got properly setup, but even the sound check turned out okay, and from there we were quite literally rolling.  You will even hear some skeptics in the house who turned out to be the biggest dancers.  From the danceable hit Groove to the room trashing Mattress Tricks, you will see why DJ Ben and the Shitheads took a special break while DJ Professor Ben reinterprets and deconstructs Moby.


Experimental Directions – Burning Shithead


There is something for everyone from DJ Ben and the Shitheads at later festivals.  For example, at Burning Shithead VII The Shitheads sported the largest cast ever, and they were truly innovative in every facet of the shithead genre.

In a stunning display of diversity, you can see East Asian influences with Sitar Skanking.  You can hear a little country when DJ Professor Ben starts Square Dance Mixing.  But the classic video from DJ Ben collaborates with the drummer at Burning Shithead Five this festival genre has to be the Wawawrap.  If you are big fan of this genre, the epic Multisong Abstract is not to be missed.


The Classic Sounds

The sounds of DJ Professor Ben which spawned DJ Ben and the Shitheads so long ago have proven timeless.  Right up to the recent classic runaway smash hit mix Shithead for Breakfast, DJ Ben and the Shitheads continue to press forward with the music that drives the festival.






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