Quotes from Previous Burning Shitheads


"Should we start leaving a trail of shithead so we can find our way back?"

- BSH V festival hiker heading directly into a mountain thunderstorm


"Great to meet you. We're the people who come here every year and stay up all night trashing the room doing strange things with breakfast cereal and then clean it up again every morning."

- BSH V festival attendee to the Hotel manager after negotiating a favorable block of rooms for festival guests.


"He has a head… but he has no shithead…"

- BSH IV deep thinker contemplating the seeming paradox of the shitheadless horseman


"Many of the guests have complained about fire hazard from the cereal you're burning"

- Hotel Employee to guests at BSH IV before lending them cleaning supplies for the weekend to consistently clean and remove shithead remnants from the grounds after long nights at the Shithead Olympics.


"It's out of control and heading over the wall."

- Dismayed BSH III Festival attendees watching a tire filled with burning shithead teeter slowly over the side wall of the hotel and start rolling through the vacant lot next door.


"A more efficient way to get shithead into my body has never been a problem for me."

- BSH II Festival partygoer refusing to don an electrically generated mask used for shithead consumption.


"We didn't do it."

- BSH II Festival partygoer insisting to hotel management that Festival attendees were not responsible for placing a towel over the camera used by the hotel to observe pool goings-on, even though the festival attendees were the only ones at the pool and had probably been watched in the act.


"We're not camping. We're staying in a hotel right outside the park. We're rock climbers and are here tonight scoping out the territory for our climb tomorrow."

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