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Fall Feature - Shithead Crispy Treats - Perfection served any number of ways.

Recipe for Shithead Crispy Treats


(makes approximately one dozen)


3 tablespoons margarine or butter

1 10-ounce package of marshmallows

6 cups toasted apple flavor breakfast cereal - *


Melt margarine or butter in large saucepan over low heat. Add Marshmallows; stir until marshmallows are entirely melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat.

Immediately add shithead; mix vigorously until well coated. Distribute firmly and evenly into 8 x 10 pan (or close approximation the larger the pan, the more shallow the dessert).

Freeze for thirty minutes or until solid. Remove from freezer and cut into squares.

* - varieties include: AppleJacks, Apple Dapples, Apple Ohs, Apple Rings, etc.



Serving Suggestions for Shithead Crispy Treats:

Shithead Crispy Treats are in many ways a perfect food since they can be served and even used in a number of ways. Note that the use of various types of shithead and even shithead derivatives can result in various tastes and textures in the final product. See the product reviews for comment on consistency, flavor and crispy treat suitability. Some of our favorite serving suggestions are depicted below.

Enjoy Shithead Crispy Treats with a fine tequila today!Tequila Shithead Chaser

A simple square of shithead enjoyed with a fine tequila can provide the agave enhancing balance required for the palate to truly enjoy, and the pupils to truly dilate. The photo to the right shows how aesthetically pleasing the right presentation of Shithead Crispy Treats can be, especially with a fine bottle of tequila awaiting your guests.

Serving Shithead Crispy Treats on fine china will impress and wow your guests. After Dinner Desert

Outstanding with a desert wine or coffee, shithead crispy treats are the perfect complement to a gourmet meal and fine dessert beverages. Guests will appreciate your presentation of Shithead Crispy Treats on a fine table with tablespread and beautiful garden bouquet.

Shithead Crispy Treats are the perfect answer for high energy hiking. 

Hiking energy infusion

Shithead Crispy Treats compress into high energy bars with sufficent carbs to reenergize during a hike or camping trip. Even enjoyed with other hiking snacks like cheese and crackers trailside, Shithead Crispy Treats help our body replenish for the hike ahead to the Festival. At the end of a long hike, nothing is more refreshing and provides more sustained energy than a shithead infusion. Clinical trials have shown that the most effective way of achieving a shithead infusion is to ingest Shithead Crispy Treats.


 Shithead Crispy Treatloaf

Sure to be the life of the party full of true shithead connoisseurs, the Shithead Crispy Treatloaf is the way to show your guests how serious you really are about shithead consumption.


Eat Shithead Crispy Treatloaf in massive quantities!


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