Festival Testimonial

 The Burning Shithead Festival was remarkable. I flew in from Chicago to attend the Festival and participated for about 14 hours. It was difficult to leave, but driving away I knew that the Burning Shithead Festival would become an annual occurrence for me. I've reserved the next 20 Labor Day weekends in my Palm Pilot for the Burning Shithead Festival. After that, I may reevaluate.

  • Todd, Chicago IL

A group of happy partygoers at the Burning Shithead Festival 

Everyone is friendly at the Burning Shithead Festival. Whatever you feel like doing, you can always find other people interested and willing to go. The shithead consumption is actually terribly amusing. This Festival kicks ass!

  • Christy, Seattle, WA


This Festival changed my life. The Burning Shithead way is a paradigm- deconstructing experience, but unlike some of the other overcrowded neo-tribal gatherings, it doesn't decouple the creative consciousness reconstruction process. The resulting preservation of this dialectic ego-regeneration methodology propagates nothing but mellifluous harmonic convergence.

  • Deepak, San Diego, CA


My body and mind are still resonating from BSH II. The substantial and lasting impact of the good times are something everyone needs to feel for themselves. I've never met anyone whose inner essence wasn't set ablaze as the shithead starts to burn.

  • Beth, Flagstaff, Arizona



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